At Execution Edge, we don’t just offer you a job, we offer you a fulfilling and diverse career. Innovation and Teamwork form the cornerstone of our success. We guarantee a collaborative work environment with smart, inspiring people from diverse, professional backgrounds where respect for individual talent and contribution is valued.

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Consultants are primarily concerned with the strategy execution, structure, management and operations of an organisation. The consultant will often identify options for a client’s organisation to optimise performance and suggest recommendations on how to reach a desired state. Our consultants apply their functional expertise and problem solving skills to our client’s complex business issues as well as create value and improve business performance.

Research & Analytics

Our research and analytics offering ranges from internal data gathering for Execution Edge’s insight and publications team to our clients’ internal on-site diagnostics or external industry analysis. The internal on-site diagnostics assesses the current operational health of the organisation while the external industry analysis highlights industry trends and potential investment opportunities for our clients

Internal Services

Our internal services professionals work in roles such as HR, IT, Legal, and Finance to support our client teams and run a world-class organisation. From recruiters to writers and editors sharing new research and insights in renowned publications like to learning professionals, Execution Edge offers unparalleled opportunities for growth, impact, and collaboration.


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