Execution Edge has extensive experience across industries that drive the African economy. Our focus however, is in two key industries that have sizeable influence on the development of the continent—Oil & Gas and the Public Sector. Our cast of consultants bring to each client, a combination of deep industry knowledge, experience servicing some of the largest companies and institutions on the continent and breakthrough insights that create sustainable value.

With leadership and execution experience working with companies like Shell, Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Company, Nigeria Communications Council, our mission is to help our clients develop and execute bold strategies that re-define their respective industries and extract optimum value for their stakeholders.

Oil & Gas

Execution Edge’s serves most areas of the Oil & Gas industry: We advise government and national oil companies, independent commercial oil companies, integrated oil and gas/midstream companies, oil field service firms and equipment manufacturers.

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Public Sector

Governments around the world are under pressure to support economic growth, improve living standards and provide security for their societies. But, heightened levels of public scrutiny and demands for greater fiscal responsibility mean that governments everywhere must not only deliver more, they must also do it more efficiently and more effectively.

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The Conglomerate industry in Africa is on the rise. In an emerging market like Nigeria, Conglomerates continue to thrive as businesses are becoming increasingly diversified.

Research indicates that over time Conglomerates generate better returns than a comparable portfolio of individual companies because they benefit from diversification.

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