Execution Edge brings a combination of executive leadership experience, strong commercial and analytical skills to make strategy work for our clients.

We are differentiated by a deep understanding of our chosen markets, multi-industry and multi-disciplinary leadership experience and delivery of superior value to our clients.

We enable our clients’ success by leveraging these unique capabilities to develop and sustain their competitive edge.

The services we provide include:


The success of any organisation depends on that organisation’s understanding of its business, the current and future sources of advantage, and sustaining a competitive edge.

Working in partnership with our clients, we closely assess all relevant aspects of their business to provide them unique business insights, develop strategies that are executable, create sustainable value, and support them in bringing their chosen strategy to life.

These insights enable our clients to deliver the best results for their businesses – be it at functional unit, business unit, or corporate levels.

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With the growing need to bridge the gap between strategy and operations, operational leaders need to step up to the stage and become a linchpin in achieving company profitability and growth goals. Sound operations management requires forward, innovative thinking and agile response to rapidly changing markets, technologies and global cost structures.

At Execution Edge, our operations services help companies build lasting competitive advantage at every level of the business. We partner with our clients to connect strategic vision to measurable results for supply chain, industry operations, cost reduction and business model transformation. We focus on helping our clients transform their key value chain functions, deliver superior business performance and drive bottom line savings by enhancing the entire lifecycle of their processes.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance

Today’s organisations face pressure to continuously address mounting regulatory changes and growing market scrutiny while striving to increase customer confidence, drive competitive advantage and optimize stakeholder value. Paramount to their success is the ability to accurately monitor internal processes and procedures to maintain compliance and manage risks and business opportunities.

Whether you need help and guidance at the board, C-level, or enterprise risk and compliance level, Execution Edge helps clients in improving corporate governance practices and structures in their chosen industry. We also have experience working with corporate boards to undertake meaningful self-assessments and improve their oversight processes.

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Human Capital Management

At Execution Edge we believe that human resource, organisation, people and capabilities form the basis for competitive advantage in any organisation. With that in mind, Execution Edge’s Human Capital Management services leverage research and industry insights to help companies shape talent strategies linked to business needs, understand workforce trends, develop great leaders and build an excellent HR function. We help design and execute critical programmes from business driven human resource to innovative organisation, leadership and change programmes to help organisations achieve real change and sustainable advantage over competitors.

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Finance and Accounting

IIn recent times, the emphasis on finance has been on control, efficiency and its delivery in providing insight to its customers. Increasing accountability of CFOs, pressure to improve efficiency and the need to understand business key drivers as well as managing performance will continue to challenge the finance function.

The pressure to improve business processes, technology and hire more skilled and knowledgeable staff while under tight budget constraints are common themes for today’s CFO.

Balancing the tension of these demands means keeping an eye on the details and realisation of the vision. The finance function needs to understand key business drivers, support and challenge, and influence decisions in the best interest of shareholders and help to manage performance and risk thereby enabling value creation.

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Information Technology

In today’s technology driven markets, organisations are looking for opportunities to use information technology to improve their competitive position. With the use of technology as a business enabler, organisations can better design strategies that leverage IT to achieve and sustain long term results. Execution Edge works with companies to determine technology capabilities needed to ensure that their organisations and operating models are agile and effective in delivering business objectives.

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