At Execution Edge, we believe that human resource, organisation, people and capabilities form the basis for competitive advantage in any organisation. With that in mind, Execution Edge’s Human Capital Management services leverage research and industry insights to help companies shape talent strategies linked to business needs, understand workforce trends, develop great leaders and build an excellent HR function. We help design and execute critical programmes from business driven human resources to innovative organisation, leadership and change programmes to help organisations achieve real change and sustainable advantage over competitors.

How we can help

We at Execution Edge recognise that an organisation’s human resource is its lifeline. Our Consultants work with our clients to bring out the best in all people at every level to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Human Capital Transformation

Any organisation undergoing a transformation will need to ensure its human capital is in a position to accommodate any changes in strategy adopted by the organisation. We assist with the restructuring of your organisation to attract the right capabilities and leadership to execute your business strategy.

HR Operating Model

In order for HR to be aligned with an organisations strategic and operational direction for people development and growth or a reduced workforce to protect against constant market fluctuations, your operating strategy requires an effective HR operating model. Execution Edge will help build the required infrastructure of tools and services to facilitate the delivery of support to our client’s customers.

Talent Management

Execution Edge partners with our clients to develop talent strategies tied directly to business strategy and develop talent plans to support their core competitive edge.

We shape clear employer value propositions focused not only on compensation but also on other key factors that matter to talented employees, including career management and professional development.

Culture & Change Management

In organisations, culture cuts across every level of business. It defines how organisations communicates with their internal and external stakeholders, and feeds into every element of strategy. Changes are easier when an organisation’s culture is closely aligned with the business goals.  The challenge is to understand the need for change and how to effectively achieve it by proper utilisation of resources and by implementing a clear communication plan.

Execution Edge can help clients analyse the structure and processes they need to achieve change. We apply our diagnostic tool to help companies identify their current culture, and any gaps that exist between the current culture and the required state. We advise our clients on the strategies, processes and tools to help them successfully manage a culture change.

Organisational Design and Development

A company’s structure determines its ability to execute strategy and adapt rapidly to change. In today’s economic environment, organisations should be designed to translate their strategic objectives into organisational initiatives that would align accountabilities with organisation’s configuration, reduce organisational complexity (bureaucracy), sustain growth and manage changes to the organisation model.

At Execution Edge, we take a practical view of how our clients’ organisational development and design drives their business results. By applying proven organisational development and design methodologies and tools, we work with leading organisations across multiple industries to achieve their business goals.

Job Evaluation

Analytical job evaluation is a systematic approach towards analysing job requirements and determining the relative value of jobs within an organisation. Execution Edge uses job evaluation to lay the groundwork for cost-efficient, fair and transparent compensation management, to support and challenge organisational design and to derive organisation specific career frameworks. Execution Edge is the official partner of in Nigeria and West Africa.

gradar_logo 300x100 gradar is an international system for analytical job grading. The system covers the career paths of individual contributors, people managers as well as project managers. It makes modern and reliable job evaluation accessible and affordable for international and local enterprises of any size. Execution Edge has negotiated special conditions for local Nigerian enterprises with the Germany based vendor of gradar. gradar is developed by QPM, an HR-Tech-Startup from Dusseldorf (Germany), which focuses on developing innovative HR-products and evidence-based solutions for the human resources management function.

Compensation and Rewards

An organisations’ ability to attract, motivate, and retain the best talent is a major growth challenge. Many companies are finding ways to maximise their investment in compensation and rewards by creating programmes that establish a direct connection between an organisation’s goals and objectives and an employee’s focus and actions. This enables organisations to shift their compensation strategies to performance-based programmes and emphasizes the combined value of rewards and benefits.

Execution Edge helps clients develop and execute compensation strategies to meet business needs. Our consultants help clients make the right choices for their organisations by offering a range of compensation and reward services. We also help tailor communication strategies for specific audiences, enabling the workforce to understand how remuneration and benefits add up to total rewards.


Climate Audit and Employee Engagement

A conducive work environment enhances organisational performance. Organisations need to make deliberate effort to cultivate the right environment to retain employees, enhance job performance and overall satisfaction.

Execution Edge assists clients with evaluating the work environment and identifying opportunities for improvement by focusing on a wide range of dimensions including work life balance, employee relations, internal communication, performance and reward systems.