In today’s technology driven markets, organisations are looking for opportunities to use information technology to improve their competitive position. With the use of technology as a business enabler, organisations can better design strategies that leverage IT to achieve and sustain long term results. Execution Edge works with companies to determine technology capabilities needed to promote the agility and effectiveness of their operating models in delivering business objectives.

How we can help

With a team of seasoned professionals who have decades of experience overseeing IT engagements across industries all over the world, we draw from a shared knowledgebase to address some of the most challenging IT related business needs. Our experts are particularly accomplished in assisting companies in business transformation efforts aimed at achieving agility and improving bottom line.

IT Strategy

Developing the right strategy to enable businesses win in the market place requires a thorough understanding of the business landscape and the technology to advance a competitive position. Execution Edge works with organisations to develop winning IT strategies that align with a corporate strategy to achieve a desired future state. Through insightful market analyses, we partner with our clients to develop roadmaps that strengthen market position and develop new capabilities with bottom-line implications.

IT Performance Improvement

Companies depend on their IT functions to drive business growth and competitiveness. With underperforming IT, business performance suffers and growth objectives are missed. Execution Edge has the experience to assess and engineer IT performance improvement in tangible, measurable ways as reflected in the overall business performance. Our IT performance improvement offering is designed to help clients understand their IT utility, performance quotients and then develop a robust strategy for improving and sustaining performance.

Innovations Management

Innovation is now an imperative for business survival and growth as companies seek novel ways of executing their business model. Execution Edge specializes in working with companies to unearth opportunities to innovate and manage the innovation so it adds sustainable value. Our specialists understand how to drive strategies that foster innovation and operating models that can be capitalized for market competition. For companies interested in developing innovation as a distinctive competence, Execution Edge can create blueprints on how to ingrain innovation into the company fabric to produce quantifiable results.

IT Mergers and Acquisition

Technology relationships between entities are key to finalising mergers, acquisitions and separations. However, resolution of these relationships is often left until much later in the deal leading to unforeseen complications and potential value erosion. We help companies plan and proactively manage their business changes and synergies so they are investing only in areas that add business value rather than untangling resultant complexities.

Business Systems Integration Consultancy

Execution Edge’s business systems integration solutions help companies realise significant business value by transforming processes and information systems into integrated entities that are better positioned to drive business operations and decisions. We have vast experience in working with emerging technologies, established packaged software and custom developed solutions that are fit-for-purpose. Our offerings allow companies to leverage industry leading approaches such as service-oriented architecture to achieve organisational excellence.

IT Security & Risk Management

At Execution Edge, we partner with companies to build robust IT security programs that protect digital infrastructure and enhance business operations. Our consulting experience includes compliance, data protection, identity management as well as cloud and mobility security. We work with our clients to reduce risk, mitigate threats and achieve compliance so they can focus on growth and increasing their shareholders’ value. We specialize in designing IT risk management models that help insulate organisations from business-threatening risks while improving their security posture.

IT Project Management

Our consultants have multiple years of experience in managing IT projects of varying complexity and scale. From developing strategic project objectives to managing implementation and reconciliation, we focus on delivering premium value to our clients while helping them realize their project goals. Our project management methodologies have helped us deliver outstanding results to some of the continent’s largest companies under attractive timelines.