The growing need to bridge the gap between strategy and operations places a burden on operational leaders to deliver on shareholders’ and executive management’s expectations. This is driving the current quest for innovation and agility to provide new solutions and creative adaptations of existing capabilities and tools to meet stakeholders’ rapidly changing needs.

At Execution Edge, our operations services help companies build lasting competitive advantage at every level of the business. We partner with our clients to connect strategic vision to measurable results for supply chain, industry operations, cost reduction and business model transformation. We focus on helping our clients transform their key value chain functions, deliver superior business performance and drive bottom line savings by enhancing the entire lifecycle of their processes.

How we can help

Our experienced teams are proven experts in designing and implementing major operations transformation in both the private and public sectors.

Our areas of expertise are:

Operations Strategy and Transformation

Improving operational efficiency and performance is business as usual for organisations in these difficult times, but sustaining these improvements and creating value is one of the key business challenges that many organisations struggle with.

We work with clients to help design their operating model to deliver their business strategy and then make that operating model a reality

Capital Efficiency

Capital (and long term commitment) budget decisions commit an organisation to a certain course of action over significant time period. Decisions that involve large investments usually have associated risks and uncertain outcomes. The importance of getting capital allocation right is therefore critical to success. Hence, senior executives need to continually strengthen their decision-making capabilities to allocate capital more efficiently.

We help our clients to develop and implement suitable frameworks and systems that help reduce uncertainty and improve the quality of management decisions and outcomes.

Sourcing and Supply Management

Organisations need to harness the skills of the supply industry to gain sustainable and competitive advantages for their customers. They desire to develop a secure and responsive supply base that is capable of providing quality, delivery, costs, technologies, flexibility and services to meet the current and future business needs of their customers.

Our consultants can help clients develop sourcing approaches to provide immediate impact as well as implement a programme to transform their sourcing and procurement activities. This can lead to major cost savings that directly impact their bottom line. We can assist using one or more of the following strategies: benchmarking current spends against the marketplace, spend analysis, supplier identification and qualification, strategic sourcing, negotiation with suppliers, and process/compliance improvement including e-Sourcing and Procure-to-Pay solutions.

Supply Chain Management

An effective supply chain management process is critical to the success of every organisation. Our consultants can help clients review their current processes including their physical supply chain process and design efficient processes that will deliver sustainable results.

Our approach creates bottom-line impact covering aligning supply chain with business strategy, managing distribution and logistics complexities, defining products and customers’ segmentation, managing inventory levels, and improving end-to-end supply chain business process performance. We also look for “quick wins” that can deliver fast results in high-impact areas.