The success of any organisation depends on that organisation’s understanding of its business, the current and future sources of advantage, and sustaining a competitive edge.

Working in partnership with our clients, we closely assess all relevant aspects of their business to provide them with unique business insights, develop strategies that are executable, create sustainable value, and support them in bringing their chosen strategy to life.

These insights enable our clients to deliver the best results for their businesses – be it at functional unit, business unit, or corporate levels.

How we can help

Using our strategy formulation approach, we conduct a scan of the business environment, facilitate strategy sessions and analyse outcomes. The outcomes are used by Execution Edge to articulate a proper strategy that covers all key objectives of the company with timelines and performance measurement metrics.

The end product of the strategy formulation process is a well-articulated Strategic Plan that is broken down into actionable initiatives.

Vision and Mission

Without a clear corporate mission and a shared vision of the future to guide actions, organisations cannot define their objectives and therefore are not able to develop strategic direction critical to success.

We work with executive management to;

  • Clearly identify the corporate culture, values, strategy and view of the future by interviewing employees, suppliers and customers;
  • Address their commitment to key stakeholders, including customers and employees;
  • Communicate their message in clear, simple and precise language’; and
  • Develop buy-in and support throughout the organisation.
Corporate Strategy

At Execution Edge, we believe that a great corporate strategy is not just a random collection of individual building blocks but a carefully constructed system of interdependent parts that describes a company’s overall direction and the management of its various businesses and product lines.

We collaborate with our clients on how they can create value and succeed in their chosen markets by determining and making necessary changes to their strategic direction, validating the business model, and cultivating capabilities among their product lines and business units.

Business Strategy

Effective business strategy is about making improvement decisions on the competitive position of a company’s product or services within the specific industry or market segment served by the business.

We partner with our clients to devise strategies to outperform competitors and gain competitive edge either through cost and differentiation strategies or strategic alliances. The ultimate goal is to rapidly create a proprietary set of actions that serve customers better than the competition.

Sustainable and Profitable Growth

Globally, only one in 10 companies succeeds in achieving sustained growth. The business climate has become more challenging due to instability in the global oil and local foreign exchange markets, rising interest rates and other business costs, uncertain regulatory environments and quick obsolescence of erstwhile reliable operating models. Business leaders are looking for trusted measures to steady their company’s growth and come out from the current storm even stronger.

We help our clients stay ahead of their competitors and achieve sustainable, profitable growth that continuously increases their market share and at the same time helps their business partners expand their business by providing them with strategic advice, business solutions and practical support.

We help our clients focus on growing existing markets, strengthening and expanding their range of service offerings across the entire value chain, and improving the efficiency of their processes.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Companies need to not only coherently communicate the value they will create from an integration or separation transaction, but also how they will execute on the transaction daily.

We assist our clients through developing actionable transactional strategy, selecting the right partners, conducting thorough due diligence and closing the deal. Throughout the integration process or even through a divestiture, we partner with our clients to address their needs.

Enterprise Performance Management

To be successful, organisations need increased performance visibility, a clear and accurate picture of performance across their organisation, and need to be seen as deploying resources in the most optimum manner to achieve the corporate vision. This however, is easier said than done.

Helping an organisation remain compliant with continual changes to regulatory requirements, and assisting them determine and monitor performance against plans and budgets, is challenging and requires a continuous cycle of strategy to execution. Execution Edge brings together a range of capabilities to help our clients cover all aspects of performance management with focus on key areas including a strategy to plan, measure, recognize and reward performance.

Strategy Management Office (SMO)

Available statistics shows that between 60 and 90 percent of strategies fail at execution largely due to lack of alignment of proposed strategies with vision, mission and poor execution capacity (people and processes). Research indicates that companies that achieved significant performance breakthroughs were those that aligned their existing management processes to their strategy.

We help our clients sustain their focus on strategy execution by establishing a new corporate-level unit, a Strategy Management Office (SMO) that will help align existing management processes to their vision, mission and strategy.