About Us

Who we are

Execution Edge (EE) is an advisory and management consulting firm with strong capabilities and experience in the development and execution of strategy.

We partner with our clients to achieve success by providing value-driven financial and enterprise transformation solutions. Our services cut across various facets of businesses, governments and institutions.

Why Execution Edge?

Our distinguishing factor is the practical experience we bring to the table.

Our Consultants bring over 120 years of hands-on executive level management and consulting experience in both the local and global markets with deep insights on what it takes to grow businesses into leading and sustainable enterprises.

We not only assist you to create Strategy, We support you in the delivery of that Strategy.  

Our People and Values

At Execution Edge, our People have a wealth and diversity of experience, and a collaborative nature that assures our clients of the best service.

Our Core Values – Client Success, Innovation, Teamwork and Integrity are long-term commitments which form the foundation upon which Execution Edge is built. They define who we are as a firm and unite us to a common purpose.

Meet Our Leadership

We bring a wealth of international experience and local market knowledge. Our leadership team ensures that our mission and values are strictly adhered to and are at the forefront ensuring we deliver maximum customer satisfaction.

Ken Igbokwe


Chima Ibeneche


Okechukwu Mbonu


Malije Okoye

Chief Executive Officer

Terkimbi Ibunde

Chief Operating Officer

Emeka Maduekwe


The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse embodies the essence of Execution Edge’s Value Proposition, Taking you there!

Our Core is hinged on the key defining characteristics of The Lighthouse. We call these the 4 Lighthouse Principles.

We help our clients navigate through the competitive landscape. We lead the way, alerting them of impending threats, as we enable our clients identify and develop appropriate responses to business challenges.

Strategic Partnerships

At Execution Edge, we not only assist our clients to create strategy, we support the delivery of that strategy.

We have partnered with some of the leading service providers across different business areas to deploy cutting-edge solutions for our clients.