Finance Function Effectiveness

How does your finance function perform in the face of the challenges in your current operational environment?

Today’s organisations are faced with conflicting and sometimes competing demands such as increasing regulatory, compliance and internal control requirements as well as changing market expectations, limited budgets, and the need for cost efficiencies.

This places a demand on CFOs to generate policies that ensure that their organisations thrive.

Maintaining compliance and control
In order to be accountable to the business and regulatory community, CFOs have put compliance and control at the top of the agenda. For many, this approach has been tactical rather than strategic and therefore, there is the need for more sustainable solutions to be embedded within organizations.

Driving efficiency
Improving cost and process efficiency are the typical focus of finance transformation within organisations and remain a priority for tomorrow’s CFO.

The finance practice have adopted unique models that promote operational agility and centralized finance processes that drive efficiencies and reduce costs up to 50%. These issues place enormous demands on an organisation’s finance’s resources.

Therefore, we can help in:

  • The development or re-validation of the vision for your finance function,
  • Aligning your finance strategy to your corporate and business strategy,
  • Setting up shared service and outsourcing arrangements that ensure sustainable benefits,
  • Improving the finance capabilities within your organisation towards decision support,
  • Strengthening internal control mechanisms within your business operations,
  • Developing and implementing finance focused process models within your firm operations,
  • Improving your internal capacity to meet local and international regulatory requirements,
  • Enhancing the integrity and accuracy of your financial records.

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