Corporate Finance and Advisory Services

Does your organization require guidance and insights for future financial dealings?

The increasingly challenging and ever-changing business environment has increased the complexity of the marketplace. Therefore, organisations have to continually scan their operational environment to identify issues that have an effect on its business in order to succeed.

These issues, positive and negative, lead the organisation to determine:
• When and how to raise capital.
• The optimal capital mix required.
• Whether to expand organically or by acquisitions and a host of others.
• What to do about its assets base.

Therefore, we can provide support in:

  • Business planning, feasibility assessments and financial forecasting for existing and new businesses; new projects, loan rescheduling, expansion plans, mergers & acquisitions.
  • Evaluating business opportunities or assessing the performance of a business and proffering practical solutions.
  • Providing independent and evidence-based asset and business valuations.
  • Building financial and/or economic models for decision support.
  • Realizing a suitable capital structure for your business and evaluating funding options.
  • Achieving strategic cost leadership based on internal controls processes and performance management systems.
  • Tax advisory, compliance and Dispute resolutions.

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