Public Sector

We work with the public sector to improve transparency, accountability, performance management; helping national, regional & local government institutions improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

The public sectors in Africa in general and Nigeria in particular are faced with new and evolving challenges and are under pressure to support economic growth, improve living standards and provide security for their societies.

Increasingly, the citizenry is becoming more demanding of probity, transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility rendition and are seeking to be involved in decision making.

More recently, there has also been an increase in the public, voluntary and private sectors coming together to build partnerships based on best practice in technology, processes and people in what is now known as Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

Therefore, the public sector is faced with and must meet a range of stakeholder needs that is far more complex and diverse than all other sectors put together. These call for a set of advisors with the know how to support the public sector in addressing these challenges.

At Execution Edge, we are committed to helping government departments, ministries and agencies respond to these challenges and develop tailored solutions that are relevant, timely and sustainable that would help them deliver more efficiently and effectively.

We build relationships with public sector organisations such as:

  • Federal, State and Local Government Institutions
  • Development Partners
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Public Entities and
  • Multilateral Development Institutions (World Bank, IMF, IFC, UNDP)

Our Consultants have decades of experience in advising governments on policy formulation and articulation across several public sector areas.


We make Strategy work.