We drive agricultural transformation by bringing our expertise across the agriculture and food value chain to improve business performance, helping clients build capabilities to sustain transformations whilst also supporting agricultural transformation at the national and local levels to accelerate transformational impact.

The Agricultural Industry in Nigeria is largely untapped. With dwindling sources of revenue from Oil and a less real sector to drive growth, the agricultural sector is uniquely positioned to meet the demand of the burgeoning job seekers and an ever increasing population.

Organisations in this industry or those intending to play in this space in the near future must understand the operating environment and have a clear knowledge of the value chain in order to position as a strategic player in this emerging industry that holds a lot of promise for the nation.

Our team has developed in-depth knowledge of agribusiness and possess a good understanding of marketplace issues within the industry, thus positioning them to deliver top quartile insights to industry players.

Our local knowledge means that we are in a vantage position to understand and advice on the policy drivers underpinning the industry and are thus able to assist businesses in the sector to maintain a healthy communication balance between the financial markets and critical non-financial stakeholders to best ensure commercial success.

Our consulting services to organisations in agriculture includes:

  • Strategy planning and implementation.
  • Policy analysis and economic studies and appraisal.
  • Investments financial and economic analysis.
  • Performance monitoring and evaluation support.
  • Business Plan development
  • Due diligence and transaction advisory services.


We make Strategy work.