Project Delivery and Value Assurance

Does your organization have a framework for achieving optimal value from its projects?

Organizations have largely moved away from conventional organizational structures towards a project-oriented approach to service delivery. This is driven by market need for speed and responsiveness, the need for specialized knowledge in developing new products, processes or services, the rapid changes in technology and the focus that projects have over conventional organizational processes.

The primary objective of any project-oriented organisation is delivery of its projects to meet its performance requirements based on the perception of its core stakeholders especially providers of finance. This can be achieved by adopting project best practices.

We assist our clients in:

  • Developing and implementing a structured framework for project delivery management,
  • Strengthening organisational capacity for planning and executing projects, including an appropriate governance structure,
  • Creating effective cost and schedule management processes,
  • Developing appropriate outsourcing and contracting strategies,
  • Maintaining an effective project uncertainty management system,
  • Recovering distressed projects.

Execution Edge has helped deliver independent project assurance processes that break Projects into subsystems such that processes and activities can be individually monitored to ensure compliance with laid down expectations before progression to subsequent subsystems or processes. 

Our approach includes activities around:

  • Value assurance,
  • Cost estimate assurance,
  • Schedule assurance, and
  • Implementation assurance reviews.

This approach provides some assurance that the project or process being monitored has achieved a given status, will achieve that status in the future, or that a specific capability exists or will exist at some time in the future.

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