Governance, Risk & Compliance

Are your business risks appropriately mitigated?

We support our clients in identifying, understanding, and managing risk to ensure an appropriate balance between risks and opportunities.

We also assist with the design and implementation of governance, compliance and other internal control programmes to ensure sustainable operations within the boundaries of relevant legislation and regulations.

We can help if:

  • You need advice on the performance and accountabilities of your Board and Management,
  • You need to improve stakeholder and regulatory relationships and communication,
  • You want to manage processes and mitigate inherent business risk,
  • You want to develop an effective response plan for severe emergency situations that can potentially hurt your business,
  • You want to protect your reputation and retain the trust and confidence of your stakeholders,
  • You want to free up valuable resources by de-layering risk and compliance processes,
  • You want to reduce the incidence of compliance failure,
  • You lack clear and measurable key performance indicators (KPIs),
  • You need procedures to identify and address complaints, breaches of legislation and internal   processes,
  • You need to achieve greater value for compliance spend.

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