Financial Services

We work with clients in the Financial Services Industry to develop strategies and operating models that drive organizational transformation while complying with applicable regulatory requirements.

The Financial Services Industry is the engine for growth in any economy. Emerging trends, challenges and opportunities are reshaping the landscape in this industry. Accordingly, players in the sector must address these, even as they grapple with evolving risk and regulatory requirements. Whether it is the consolidation of Deposit Money Banks, the recapitalization of the Insurance sector, the rise of AI and Fintech or the drive to increase financial inclusion in Nigeria, what is evident is that players in the financial services industry must leverage enhanced business models to align with changing demands.

Execution Edge works with the players in the industry, be they Regulators, Deposit or Non-Deposit Money Banks, Insurance or Financial Services Infrastructure providers to build strong and resilient organizations that create value and deliver stakeholder expectations.

Our deep experience in Financial Services as well as across other industries empower us to work seamlessly with our clients in the Financial Services Industry to:

  • (Re)articulate their business strategy
  • Exploit opportunities in the market and create services that deliver value
  • Develop an operating model that will drive organizational performance
  • Build the right team that can deliver the business objectives
  • Effectively monitor performance and drive growth through our Corporate Performance Monitoring & Evaluation Support services


We make Strategy work.