Production Management Services

Do you have challenges with optimizing production from your asset(s)?

In today’s highly competitive landscape, Oil and Gas production must be optimized. Effectively and profitably managing and operating oil and gas fields require resources and capabilities which many of the players in the Nigerian E&P sector cannot provide adequately.

Execution Edge Production Management Services seeks to bridge the gap for players in the Oil and Gas industry by offering the expertise of its seasoned personnel to provide a broad range of services ranging from consultancy to full scale management of oil and gas fields. 

Our capabilities enable us to manage more than one producing field at a time enabling us to exploit potential synergies and scale to optimise cost and maximise returns.

Whether you are an independent or a marginal field operator in Nigeria, Execution Edge can help in: 

  • Assessing the production capacity of your asset.
  • Recruiting the right skillset to achieve your production objectives.
  • Developing and operating unconventional assets.
  • Establishing effective systems required to operate assets successfully.
  • Maximizing production for sustained cash flow and profitability.
  • Carrying out field studies to increase field reserves.
  • Assessing your production process via production process reviews
  • Assessing the integrity of production equipment prior to commencing production as well as during stable operations to ensure integrity of critical equipment.

Production Management Services Categories offered by EE include:

  • Exploration and Production Advisory
  • Production Management
  • Support and Ancillary Services
  • Financing Support

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